Monday, June 28, 2010

it's the tops

In my sewing frenzy before our vacation, I made some tops.  Only one of which I can actually wear. I made two of these: DSC_0172
The first one was perfect - aside from it being far too snug.  Daniel liked it.  But I informed him that respectable, flighty girls did not wear shirts like that.  So I made another slightly looser, which worked apart from running out of fabric, so it came out much shorter, and I then suffered from late '90's, midriff baring flashbacks, and that's no fun at all.

So then I made this shirt.  Now I'm really not sure what caused me to pick up this fabric, aside from the price (it was $.75 for a whole bunch of it).  It's very retro in a way that I'm not sure I want to be retro, but I decided before I messed up anymore fabric that I did really like, I would practice on this.  The fit of this shirt came out perfect, and oddly enough,  for not being super crazy about the fabric, I have skirts in the same blue, green, khaki and pink-y/coral colors and shoes in the yellow. 
I guess it really isn't too much of a mystery as to why I picked it. 


briana said...

I love all the stripes.

Kayleen said...

How funny. I just saw a shirt very much like this (the first one) at Target and it made me think of you.

Anna said...

You've got me laughing.

Well done on your projects!

Lisa said...

I love the way you write. Makes me laugh, even when your talking about shirts.