Wednesday, July 21, 2010

blueberries for us




We made a trip out to the farm and went blueberry picking.  Way too hot, but so very delicious.  The little boys had a great time, and in the absence of metal pails, I heard John and Finn saying, "kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk" as the picked away.
We've been snacking on them frozen, having them in our muffins, and I threw together some little tarts with the blueberries, some strawberries and a little bit of sugar and then just wrapped them up in Smitten Kitchen's all butter pie crust - that was pretty awesome.  Goodness, it's just a really yummy time of year, isn't it?


AJ said...

Looks delicious! I miss our Michigan blueberry picking. There's not much for berry picking in central Arizona.

Anne said...

what muffin recipes did you use? I got some blue berries in our farm share and need something to do with them :)

Lovin' your pics. You have adorable kids and a magical eye for capturing them at just the right moment!

Kelly said...

Thank you! I think I just used Joy of Cooking, but replaced the egg with a vinegar and baking powder mixture.