Monday, July 26, 2010

lovely lace

Daniel came home from working in the city the other day with fists full of Queen Anne's Lace because he knows I love it.  Maybe I'm silly, but the mental image of Daniel pulled onto the side of a busy road, picking wild flowers is so romantic.  I am a very lucky girl, I think, a very lucky girl.


briana said...

That is sweet!

Kayleen said...

Aw, you are a lucky duck. He is a good father, too. Teaching the boys by example how to treat a lady!

Anna said...

Love, love Queen Anne's Lace! They used to grow wild in the field across from our house when I was young. Our variety always had one mulberry colored bloom right in the center. Do all of them have that?

And. Those bud vases. Super darling.

meg said...

oh it is romantic! and I love queen anne's lace too. poo on those people who call it a weed.