Friday, July 30, 2010


That is the sound of me blowing my nose.  In case you didn't immediately recognize it. Whew, this one has been a doozy.  (Thank you, God, for Daniel!)  I got it on Tuesday afternoon and have been loving life ever since.  I have had a completely finished knitting project that I wanted to show, an almost finished sewing project, and another almost finished knitting project, but taking pictures has been more effort than I could muster.  I finally did it this morning.  Which is part of why I'm wearing my jammies in these pics.  The other reason is cause I'm sick, gosh darn it. calais shawl
It's called the Calais Shawl.  The reviews say it's pretty easy, but it was the most difficult lace I've tried to date, and the charts totally scared me.  I think part of the reason it took me a while to complete (I think I printed it out the last week of May, procrastinated cause it looked so scary, then started June 1st) was because the charts just intimidated me.  But now it's done, blocked and ends woven in, and I have just enough yarn to make one more.  (Which I'm planning too, after I work on a few different projects first.)

I knew it wasn't going to be huge, but it's a bit smaller than I imagined.  I like the idea of wearing it like this and using a brooch to fasten it (too tired to dig up a brooch for the pic though)
calais shawl
or this
calais shawl
or you know, like a shawl.
calais shawl
'Cept I wouldn't really recommend pairing it with black and white pj's.

Ok, so I'm going to spend about an hour in my shower now, while my poor, poor children ruin their minds with too many cartoons on Netflix.  Then I'll give everyone their daily dose of cod live oil and pray that no one else gets sick. 

Have a lovely weekend and here's (cod liver oil bottle raised) to a healthy Monday!

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Kelly! This is exquisite! Beautiful, beautiful work... light and frothy. I love how versatile it is, both for style and seasons. You amaze me.

Feel better soon...