Tuesday, July 13, 2010

three things

There have been a few things the boys have been doing that I wanted to write down and remember:

1. Jamie's own version of pig-latin.
Jamie currently adds an "uh" at the beginning of most words he uses, then ends it with and "eh". 
Translations as follows:
English                          Jamese
phone                        "uh-phone-eh", or ball
ball                             "uh-ball-eh"
chip                             "uh-chip-eh"

You get the idea.

2. John and Finn's imaginary friend.
John and Finn will be able to grow up and tell their own children stories about when they were children, they were so poor they had to share an imaginary friend.  His name is "Ghostie" and he lives in our walls.  He has 19 children (I have no idea where his wife is or where he attained these 19 children) and they are all often responsible for various mischief in the house.  Such as:
me "Who messed up the basement!"
John "Ummm, I think Ghostie did it."
Finn "Yeah! (titter, titter) And his babies!!"

3. Finn's current tendency to name everything.
Finn names everything.  He found a star fish at the beach, it became his new best friend, named "Starry".  A new favorite rock becomes, "Rocky."  Last night we harvested some of the potatoes we planted.  Finn immediately selected the biggest of the bunch and promptly named it..... can you guess???..... Yes, "Potatey".
a rare occasion

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