Monday, August 2, 2010

Silly things that occured over the weekend

James has recently discovered diapers are good for more than one thing.

Daniel went to confession on Saturday morning. Soon after he left, John asked where dad went, I told him and he asked,
"What's confession?"
I said, "It's where you tell the priest your sins and ask God to forgive you."
To which John responded, "(Huh. Huh-huh) Wha'd he do? (Huh, tuh-huh-huh)"

So you remember this picture I posted a while back?  I made that slip to intentionally peek out beneath my dress, as it offers a little more length and I like the look.  Well yesterday we're at church and I'm in the back, again, because Jamie can't stay quiet (I don't blame him, it is very hard to stay quiet at church when you are almost 2), and an elderly woman approaches me.  I'm expecting she's going to say how cute James is, or that's she'd been there too, or something along those lines.  But she come very close, looks me in the eyes, and then whispers, "Ummm... I'm going to fix your dress for you." At this point, I am very puzzled, James is in my arms and this woman just starts tugging away at my dress, trying to cover up my slip!  After a sufficient amount of wrestling and pulling, she declared, "There, all better!"  And then I thanked her, not really knowing what else to say at that point, and she went back into church.

Soooooooo.... it was a pretty good weekend.  Hope yours was good too!


Anne said...

old church ladies are so helpful :) I'm with you, though, and I like the slip peeping out.

Kayleen said...

Oh man, that was weird. I totally thought that was an old picture of Johnny!

Your story had me laughing out loud :) We had a good weekend too...I'm kind of bummed its Monday already.

briana said...

Too funny!

Vanillabean said...

great stuff

Lisa said...

I Love old ladies:) You had me lol