Friday, August 6, 2010

summer + cold = : (

wonderberry flower
We're all sick here. I successfully passed on my cold to everyone (those poor little babies!) while still managing to hold on to a stuffy nose and tenacious cough. Anyone have some good movie suggestions?


briana said...

I watched The Dish, while Shane was away. I wasn't sick, but it was a super cozy movie, and funny too. It was on Netflix instant watch so that was nice too. Oh, and lately we've been watching a BBC sitcom called Doc Marten. ITs pretty fun too and also on Netflix. Such a bummer to be sick in the summer. Get well soon.

Anna said...

Oh, bummer!! Summer colds are so ratty.

And for television viewing? I would definitely recommend episodes of the old Andy Griffith series. They keep our whole family entertained and in giggle-fits.

Get well soon!