Friday, September 3, 2010

oh oh chicago

Well, we've reached our destination, but I'm going to take you through my stunning collection of "moving car photography."  Does anyone else do this?  Whenever I'm on a road trip, I'm always keeping my camera in my lap and taking pictures from the moving car.  Yes, it doesn't quite make for the best shots, but man, there's some cool stuff our there, and I'd rather remember with blurry pics than none at all.
moving car photography - chicago
The Chicago skyline.  I'd never been to Chicago before (we're not counting lay overs).  Pretty darn cool town.
moving car photography - chicago
Some graffiti that came out surprisingly clear.
moving car photography - sleeping artist
And my little artist asleep.  He would periodically keep coloring with the chalk while he slept.  So darn cute. 

We only stayed one night in Chicago.  Just enough time for me to eat some sushi, walk along the Magnificent Mile, and drain the car battery.  Thank God we have AAA.  So the next day, after slight delay, we were off to...


Anne said...

I totally do that with my camera :) car shots are the best.

your artist is precious :)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

That photo with your baby sleeping with the chalk....oh it made me miss those days! Precious!