Wednesday, September 29, 2010

picture picture here and there...

but not a pic to post...

My cousin and her husband are videographers and make amazing movies.  They were just blessed with a sweet little guy a few days ago and you should see their newest movie, it brought tears to my eyes. You should watch this one, and this one, heck, should should just check 'em all.  It just makes me want to get married and have babies all over again so I can have them follow me around with their camera making it all look so prettiful.

In other news, I saw Chase Jarvis on the street today!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness.  I just got my hair cut and walked out the door and there he was on his phone!  I was trying to look cool while waiting for Dan to pick me up and hoping that Chase would get off the phone before then so I could say something awesome, like, "Hi."  I did not end up looking too cool, however, as Dan pulled up and I failed to notice, he honked the horn, nice and loud.  I scampered off towards the car and I decided I would have to try and say "hi" another day.

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Anna said...

Am I lame that I don't know who Chase Jarvis is? I even checked out the link and am still not sure. A cool photographer? Videographer?

With a name like Chase Jarvis, I'm sure he's swank regardless.

(And btw ... your 'hi' would have been awesome. I just know it.)