Thursday, September 16, 2010

we went berry picking in the rain


When I was a girl, every August we went to my Grandma's farm.  There were lots of blackberry bushes between the barn and the house, and we would go out and pick enough for a pie.  We'd bring it back to my Grandma, and she would make a pie.  It's mid September now, but there are plenty of blackberries out there.  So in spite of the rain, we made our way to the bramble by my boys' Grandma's house and picked berries.
Finn decided he needed a hat. 
We didn't pick enough for a pie.  But we did get nice berry stained fingers and lips.  I think the pie is something we'll have to work up to ; )


Kate said...

you know i never actually liked the pies we would make, but i loved picking the blackberries.

Vanillabean said...

Aww, Grandma's house. Haven't been there in sooo long

Anna said...

That last shot is priceless.

Hallie said...

We have been picking berrieslike crazy! Everyday I think it might be our last as the weather seems to be cooling down a lot but everyday there seem to be more and more out there! Thanks for sharing your bery icking with us! Do you have any good recipes to share too? :)