Monday, October 4, 2010

swimming up stream




Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, every child learns the life cycle of the salmon. It's a pretty important fish around here.  And awfully tasty (I just had to add that).  There is a hatchery in town, and we took the boys down to see the salmon.  It's really quite amazing to see these fish jumping out of the water, swimming so hard against the current.  I'm feeling a bit like a salmon myself these days.  Returning after our years at sea (i.e. Pittsburgh) to the place we want our babes to grow.   And yet, even though we are in the general locale, we still have quite the creek to swim up before we get to that still, cool water.  Some days I'm just swimming against the current.  Others, you can see me jumping out of the water, flying through the air, making real progress.  The days, I feel, I make the most progress of all, are when I stray slightly from this metaphor.  On those days I'm just letting go, more like floating that swimming, and trusting completely that God has His plan for us, and so long as we keep trusting and saying yes to Him and His plan, He'll carry us to the place He wants us to be.

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Anne said...

mm, this is so true! Not only do I sympathize with wanting to get back that way, but you have put it perfectly--the striving and the floating, trusting in God and making your best efforts. Love the pictures! You have such a beautiful family!