Wednesday, October 13, 2010

we play tourists, round three




Today we visited the Ballard Locks.  We learned more about the life cycle of the salmon and got to see some cool boats go from the bay to the sound and vice versa. 
After we left the house for our little field trip, though, I discovered I forgot my cell phone.  I wasn't about to go back home for it, but my goodness, it was anxiety producing to be without.  What did people do before cell phones??  I kept worrying that the car would break down or something bad would happen.  I suddenly felt so isolated just because I wasn't able to call someone at a moments notice. Then I felt it was ridiculous that I was so anxious over not having a phone.  Really, do I need to be able to call someone all the time? Then my ridiculousness started to make me feel anxious.  I mean, did Ma Ingalls freak out when Pa went to town and was gone for days and she couldn't call someone???  Why should I be such a baby? So, despite being ridiculous and anxious, I did make it home safe and sound.  No need for calls at all.


Anna said...

Was it nice to not have the phone after all?

I secretly find it liberating!

Kayleen said...

How awesome for you to be back and to have all new places to photograph and have adventures. The locks must have been really thrilling for the boys, I think they are pretty cool. And you are very brave to be going to all these places alone without help! If you remember your phone next time, you can always call us to come join you guys ;)

Kelly said...

Kayleen, I was going to call you - that's how I discovered I forgot my phone in the first place. I was going to see if you and Lulu wanted to meet. Next time!

Anna, I aspire to your level of liberation. Actually, I do feel fine if I'm out with Daniel. I get what you mean about liberating then. It's just when I'm out with three small boys that I feel like I just need a life-line in case things go wrong. It's times like that I feel vulnerable instead of liberated.