Tuesday, November 9, 2010

frog it

I said the other day that I have more projects on the needles.  Here they are.  Those other shawls I made this summer were gifts, so I threw another on the needles for me.  But alas, I had not enough yarn, so I'm frogging it.  I started a sweater for James, and it's coming along well, except that I lost a needle.  I know I saw it in the car and thought, "I'd better put that somewhere safe...."  It's safe alright.  I have no freaking clue where I put it.  I'll have to ask St. Anthony if he's seen it.  And see if I have enough needles somewhere to make a hat with what was formerly to be a shawl.

1 comment:

Anna said...

But the bowl of stitches look divine!!

And my, how I wish I wasn't so intimidated by double-end needles!

Don't you wish all of us blog-ladies could live in the same neighborhood and teach each other? I would love a knitting lesson from you.