Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a momentary lapse in judgement

The weather report said there's a chance of snow this weekend.  We did not bring all our winter gear with us, so my dad was sweet and bought the boys mittens.  Now I've had issues with the boys and mittens in the past.  They don't like them.  They think they're for babies.  So when I saw the new mittens, and then I looked at the boys and saw those faces about to object to this thoughtful gift..... I told them they were boxing gloves. *cringe*
There were no problems getting them to try on their mittens.  And the next 20 minutes were spent as referee.
No children were injured in this photo shoot.  The mittens are now safely put away. And I'm praying it doesn't snow.


Kelley said...

yes. I would do that. I have decided that there is no way around guns either.

briana said...

Brilliant. Maybe I'll tell Pippin his coat is a flack jacket and see it that works.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

genius! I love the look on baby brother's face!

Lisa said...