Thursday, November 4, 2010

one potato, two potato, three potato, four....

Jamie and his cousin Lulu, in a house with more than enough toys to go around, prefer to play with potatoes.  This picture is from last week, and it's the last on my memory card.  I haven't taken pictures this week (at least not on my camera, I took a couple on my brother's - you should see his and my sister-in-law's Halloween costume, I loved it!).  So no pictures, no posts... for a bit.  I needed the break.  Sometimes I get so into camera mode, trying to capture what's going on at the moment, that I feel like I don't get to fully participate in the moment.  It's appropriate that my need for a camera break coincided with Daniel being away at a conference, or perhaps it's no coincidence, but all hands were needed Halloween and the days surrounding it. When daddy is gone, life moves in slow motion, yet must be handled with far more care. 
Other that that, I've been on needles.  Knitting needles, of course.  I have three projects I've started, so hopefully I'll have at least one finished to tell about tomorrow.

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