Friday, November 5, 2010

swaddling clothes

I was supposed to go to a baby shower in Oregon this weekend, but it ended up not working out.  It was just a little too much after Dan's conference trip at the beginning of the week, and it turned out to be a good call, as sickness seems to have reared it's ugly head.  I was up with Jame most of the night.  I did make a little gift for the wee babe, though.  I've wanted to make one of these since I found the pattern.  Since I don't happen to have any newborn babies around to model (oh, how I miss tiny babes!), Teddy will have to model our little baby cocoon for us.

Finn looks unhappy here, but he's not.  He loved holding the little bear in the cocoon, and kept making all sorts of funny little faces at him and me.  So I told him to settle down for just a second, and this is what I got. And it was quite literally a second.
Such a simple little knit that I think is so clever; keeping baby so cozily swaddled without the fuss of blankets coming loose.  Dan, too, thought it was a great idea and requested I make one his size.  I told him that while I am very open to the idea of taking orders, I think I will stick to the newborn size. 


petitcompaore said...

Oh, how sad... :( We were looking forward to seeing you! Well, thank you anyways for sending such a CUTE thing along! Hope you guys get well soon.

anne said...

so sweet! I love the idea of the swaddlers, too. And T would totally be down for one his size ;)

so, if you're missing a newborn so much, why not just make another one? :D