Monday, November 15, 2010

this and that

oy.  So this is the stress of selling a house. We have a nibble.  No written offer yet, but the hope is that by Friday, there will be.  The hope.  The hope last week was that the offer would be here this Monday or Tuesday, now we hear Friday.  I'm still hoping, but I'm starting to wonder if this is the offer God wants me to hope for.  I hope so.  Because I want to be done.  I want to be home.  So if you could, say a little prayer for us, please.DSC_0219
In the mean time, last night, my lovely s.i.l. thought up having a sushi party.  So she, my brother, and my beautiful niece came over with some goods, and we set up to make some California rolls.  It was great.  Dan picked up a couple bottles of Saki and I think we all had a pretty darn good time.  As evidenced by the pictures, our rolls weren't perfect, but it just inspired us to try again, so there will happily be another sushi party in the future, I'm sure.  (except I'll skip the Saki - yuk.)


anne said...

yay sushi!! (i've recently lost my instructions for the rice--what recipe did you use to mix it?) :)

also, best of luck with the offer! We'll keep it in our prayers, too. Have you found anything in your area yet that you're interested in or will you continue to stay w/ the 'rents?

briana said...

Looks like fun, and very pretty too. Shane just got back from Japan and raved about the food. Not so much the sushi, but he really liked the shabo shabo and the other one with the raw egg. He brought back some saki. The bottle was cool, the drink not so impressive. I've heard it can be better? served warm. Not sure that would help.
Hope the house deal goes through smoothly.