Friday, December 3, 2010

i'm glad there's a world out there that keeps track of the time

Yesterday I woke up and did not know what day it was. I had to actually ask someone because without help, I really wasn't able to remember. Turned out, I was only two days off from my guess. Such is my state of mind these days. I'm just generally a little bit off. Not "off" like a bad mood, just in a way that nothing is easy. And really, that's ok. It's only taken me this long to realize that's just how life is. Things are good, and things are hard, and it's up to us to use the struggles to better ourselves.  In spite of this epiphany, I can't say that I'm doing that hot.  But I'm still trying.
And while certain aspects of life are quite tricky, there are plenty of smiling moments.  I came round the corner the other day to find Finn and James had emptied a laundry basket so they could cozily enjoy a snack in it. 


Darn, they're cute little guys.


Kelley said...

Right there with you. And my boys were in the laundry bucket last night flying to the moon to rescue someone! I love that they are playing so well together.

I figure it will all come together after holiday madness.

Kayleen said...

I like your epiphany. I think you are doing a tremendous job through it all, seriously. Your kids are (obviously) happy campers, and you and your hubby have a solid, loving relationship. Everything else will get better as long as you stay faithful to your family and to God!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Adorable! I love your take....great post!

Anna said...

Yes, indeed! Too cute!