Monday, April 25, 2011

*tap-tap-tap* is this thing still on?

Well, ummmmm..... hello?  I've been away for a bit.  I mean, I've been here, just away from the blog. But I didn't mean to be gone so long.  Honest. 
So in the event that you are reading this, and haven't cleared me from your readers to make way for less flighty bloggers, here's a bit of a re-cap:
I first took a break because things were so hairy. Among a slew of other events in December (both happy and sad), the house sold in December so there was moving to be done (this was a happy event!). We are now cozily settled in a darling little house, with a quaint little yard, and I feel so blessed each day to be in the Pacific Northwest where we are surrounded by so much beauty and can hop in the car and see family or the beach or both at a moment's notice.  A place where cousins drop by and parents and siblings stop in.  Families can have their quirks and such, but it is so good to have them.  And when you computer breaks, and you can't blog because of that broken computer, sometimes family will help you out ; ) (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
exhibit A: PNW beauty as seen from my deck.
After the hairiness December offered, we had a metaphorical haircut and things have been well and clean shaven.  Stubbly at worst.  But I still needed a break.  I think I have had a tendency in the past to remove myself from events because I'm so busy trying to capture them.  Does that make sense?  I realized sometimes I was missing my children's joy because I was messing with camera functions.  That doesn't mean I should stop taking pictures, though I did for a while.  There's a balance, I know.  I'm hoping to find it. 
So that brings me to the other day.  We've been having lots of fun with ladybugs of late, and Finn asked what baby ladybugs looked like.  I said, "Remember, we found some once and I took a picture."  So we pulled up our blog, and the boys all gathered round and gleefully went through the whole thing, with shouts like, "Look! It's like a shrinking machine! We keep getting smaller!" and much laughter over how funny they were.  So many blogs are devoted to a particular purpose, and I've wondered at times what I'm blogging for, since I'm too flighty to have just one focus.  Well, at that moment, with the kids laughing away and reminiscing, I realized I blog for me and our family. I like writing down our funny stories, and recording the progress of my sewing and knitting, as well as sharing this little life with friends I've made through blogging. There have been so many events, like a finished sweater, a newly sewed skirt, or just a funny thing one of the boys did that regular life people don't care about like blog-friends do.
Soooooooo.... all that said.  I'm back.  And per agreed upon conditions, we will now have grandchildren pictures:
Happy Easter!!


Vanillabean said...

Welcome back. I was a little surprised to see you had a new post when I checked my Reader :) I always enjoy looking at pics of your beautiful family.. and Happy Birthday ( a little late).

Kayleen said...


Kelley said...

Welcome Back! I am so glad you have come to my neck of the woods ( although I am in central Oregon, I consider anywhere north of here, my neck of the woods... especially since all my family is in Portland). I like the idea of a whole life blog. I think that is what I try to do in a way. Hoping to "see" you more often,
Kelley (formerly turtleturtle, now

Kelly said...

Thanks Erin and K. And Kellie! I wondered where you went. I missed my refashion superstar. Off to update your blog in my reader.