Sunday, May 29, 2011

gratitude sunday

I found this blog some time ago in my hunt for home-stead-ery information.  I do love the idea of focusing on the gifts God gives and appreciating His generosity.  So I'm participating in Taryn's "Gratitude Sunday".   Here's my list for this week:

~Daniel's birthday was this week.  I'm so glad this man was born and that God let me marry him.  I don't want to get all crazy mushy, but I really could.  I love that man.
~Going out on the town with much loved friends.  I was proud of us, we didn't come home till well after bedtime.  We had a very good time : )
~Spending the morning exploring this beautiful park on a sunny day.  The views are amazing. 
~John has been taking art and martial arts and loves it.  I'm so glad he's enjoying this time.  And I'll take pictures soon - John looks so cute in his little karate uniform.
~I'm thankful for a sister who gives me hand-me-down clothes.  Kate's off to Boston this week and culling her closet, so I am a most grateful recipient.

~I'm so grateful I was able to take a picture of this flower before James ripped it up.  It just opened up today.  Such a short little life. 
~We had our first salad from my container garden this week.  And the tomato flowers have bloomed! You have no idea how pumped I'm going to be if I can actually get some tomatoes to ripen in this maritime climate.
~Speaking of climate, I'm grateful for warmer weather this week.  We've enjoyed many walks.
~Finn has been is a cuddly mood of late.  He just seems to need more affection and attention.  I realize it's fleeting, so I'm grateful for this time that he wants to sit in my lap and snuggle.
~And I'm grateful for achieving our record breaking number of dates this week.  2! We went out two time without the kids.  (this is quite the accomplishment, indeed, as we'll go months without getting out at all) That is the amazing thing about living around family.  Sometimes, they watch your kids.  I mentioned above our dinner date with friends was one, and Dan and I saw Billy Collins.  Dan bought me one of his books for years ago, and I've been hooked ever since.

So yes, so much good stuff.  I'm grateful for it all.


Kayleen said...

Love this post!

Tell Katie she also has a sister in law who enjoys hand-me-downs as well ;) But it is sad she is leaving already...time flies. Hopefully she will be back to stay one day!

And we are grateful to have you guys close and in town, too!

Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Love reading your gratitude list! Thank you for joining in Gratitude Sunday! It makes me so happy! :)

Mystic Orb said...

I am grateful to see that there are grateful folks out there....