Monday, May 9, 2011


So here is my first piece for the kids clothing week challenge (the link is in my side bar, I'm too lazy to get another.)
Even though my kids keep asking when it's going to finally get warm, I thought I'd be prepared in the event that the temps did in fact rise about 70 degrees (not that we've been even close).
The pattern is from this book (I can't find a link to a store).  I made the size 6 and they came out huge.  Flat front with elastic in the back.  I went ahead and made the elastic adjustable by adding button holes and a button to the inside of the shorts.  He'll definitely be able to wear them next year as well.  I found the fabric at a thrift sale for $.75, so it's a pretty sweet deal. 
In other news, this is my kitchen.  Soooooooo.... guess what I'm going to spend the next hour doing?  Then I'm making play-dough.  James just informed me.

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Kelley said...

awesome! love the shorts, and the kitchen! heeheehee... I also did a "pant" but I have been away from the internet ill now, post coming later!