Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kcwc:day 2

I have a bunch of Dan's old pants, each harboring some flaw; a stain, a tear, etc. I've saved them thinking I would re-purpose them some how.  When I saw this, I knew I was good to go.

So this is the second time today I made John put these on for our photo shoot.  This morning it was soooooo gray, it was impossible to take a decent photo. There just wasn't enough light.  So after we got school, lunch, and groceries out of the way, the sun finally came out. Even then, I made the mistake of standing under the tree, so the photos still don't show the pants too well, but I'm not about to make the poor guy get changed again. John has apparently come up with some time saving devices with all this 'trying on of clothes' he's been going through. 

He just wears them over the other clothes he's wearing.

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