Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kcwc:day 3


Pajama pants from the Oliver + S pajama pattern.  Poor James and Finn.  They both asked what I was making for them.  John's been getting all the goods because he's grown out of everything, while they still have plenty of hand-me-downs.  I'll have to do something for them, just to make it fair.  I am planning on making more pants for John, though.  I've realized once you hit a certain age in boy's clothes, you can't find pants in the thrift stores.  I know why, too.  I don't know that John left a single pair of size 6 jeans for Finn without holes in the knees.  Those boy's are just so hard on clothes.

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annemcd said...

Its so true-- there is very little I can pass down from one boy to the other!