Thursday, May 26, 2011

a new purpose

And here I am wearing my husband's shirt.  No, not the white frilly one.  That's mine.  The skirt.  Dan is excellent at wearing out shirts.  Once he ruins another shirt, I collect them and put them in my stash to re-purpose later.  Well, I decided last Saturday that it was, in fact, 'later', and traced the shape of one of my skirts onto the shirt, sewed it up, and there you go.  This was my church outfit Sunday morning.  Except slightly more ironed and with tights.  My sister thought I looked so very Anthro, so I was pretty pleased.

In other news, it's a certain love-of-my-life's birthday.  Darn, I love him so. 


Anna said...

How did you handle the waistband? This is fantastic!

anne said...

1) Happy Birthday Dan!!!!!
2) that is an *awesome* idea for a skirt. I might have to imitate :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Anna and Anne!
Anna, I didn't make a waist band. Just put some darts in the back hemmed the top and bottom. I don't think it works that well, at least not tucked in without the belt. (It works as in it stays on and preforms it's function as a skirt, but it just doesn't look as nice.)
Also, if you ladies do make it, you'll have to reinforce the button area. I basically just sewed it closed from the button at the bottom till a couple buttons from the top, otherwise it gapes.
Anne, I didn't come up with the idea. I can't remember who did, but I'm sure I found the link through Kelley at
She is THE got to source for awesome refashion tutorials. I'm just to lazy to go back and figure out where that tutorial is exactly ;)

Kelley said...

Very nice! I have seen this done many times, and I always think I am gonna do it, and then I don't...
Happy belated Birthday Dan! My hubby's was yesterday!

oonaballoona said...

i agree with sis. this is awesome.

happy birthday to dan!