Friday, June 24, 2011

morning sew

Some folks go for a morning stroll, others a morning swim.  Myself?  I like a little morning sew.
I woke this morning and felt for a dress.  It's very nice dress weather outside. I had an old tank top that got a bleach stain on the front and had another cute floral print I was thinking of making a skirt out of, and just stuck the two together.  There are tutorials for this kind of thing out there.  I've seen 'em.  I didn't consult one today, but it's a pretty easy idea.  Not to mention, a great way to make a quick little dress.
I let the boys help with pictures:


And then I went inside and took one myself. 

Sooooooooooo.......... yep.  There ya go. 

A happy weekend to you!

p.s. I thought I would mention my phone call to my mother this morning. I told her I made a dress today, and then she asked if I still had curtains.  I do understand, that for me, that is a reasonable question.


petitcompaore said...

Wow, cute!!

Kelley said...

I love a morning sew! I am often found sewing in the AM. Inspiration strikes, and I must listen... DO you need some fabric stash? I have lots and still have curtains.

Kelly said...

Thanks Gina!
Kelley, I have committed myself to de-stashing this summer, so I should say no. I see another move in our near future, so I feel the need to consolidate, once again. But thank you for the offer! You're the best!

Lisa said...

Oh wow! That is really cute and sounds like a great idea!!!!

anne said...

Bhahah!! Love your mom's curtains.. That's a total legit question for me, too.

Dress looks fabulous.. You are inspiring me to get sewing more :)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I am wearing an almost identical tank top right now and am feeling the NEED to make a dress now. Holy cow. Love it, Kelly!