Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know I said I was going to post a picture of the skirt I made.  And I started the post the very next day. Really, I did.  And when I finished, I read over it one last time and thought, "This is.............. boooooooring."
Do you ever do that?  There's that odd little pressure to post, whether I feel like it or not, just so I can appear less flighty.  Then I figured it was pretty silly to write and post something I didn't want to read myself.  Everyone knows I'm flighty anyways.

  Soooooo... no pic of skirt.  Jamie is decidedly more interesting in this picture, I believe. 
In other news, James is potty training.  The little bugger can totally do it if he feels like it.  Did you catch that?  IF he feels like it.   Life is so darn exciting when you're 2, it is pretty hard to potty somewhere other than your pants, I guess.  And those pull-ups are so cool.  An all purpose accessory, as one can clearly see.


Vanillabean said...

What's on his head? I love little boys. He somehow still looks like a makeshift-superhero.

Kelly said...

A Pull-up.

Rachel said...

Found ya! It was great seeing you tonight and your boys are fun (and amazingly active - we were marveling at how quickly they move after you left). You should post a picture of your skirt.

Kelly said...

Hello Rachel! Thank you for having us over! I think the word for the boys is impetuous, but amazingly active and quick may sound nicer ;)
You can, if you want, see the skirt in my flickr - which you can get to by clicking on the picture of Jamie. It's really nothing fancy - but I will say it's the most color I've introduced in my closet in a while. Dan's always saying that my clothes are all neutrals, so I thought I'd get something a little brighter.

Kelley said...

Captain Pull-Ups to the Rescue!!! Who needs a skirt when you have such a cute super hero!

Anna said...

I've sooooo been there. In the words of the former poop-master herself, it's "bizausting" dealing with the little power mongers.