Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer & other things

When one lives in Seattle, one should be of the mindset that the weather, upon waking, will be overcast and misty.  This should be a given.  Not that this always is the case, but because it often is.  But, when it is occasionally not overcast and misty, it's pretty darn amazing.  And it's nice to be surprised.
(Note my choice of words?  I do not say "gray and rainy". That sounds too drab, and most definitely un-exciting.  "Overcast and misty" lends itself to a little more hope and possibility, I think.      Anyways.)
So yesterday, on the calender's first day of summer, I woke to "pretty darn amazing".  Doors and windows were wide open from breakfast on throughout the day.  This little fellow thought he would come in for a visit, just waltzed right in. (Bet you didn't know snails can waltz.)  But we are discriminating hosts, so he was turned back out. 


We've been busy with the end of our homeschool year, and I feel really good about our progress.  In spite of moves and chaos, John did so well.  I've just about finished planning my curriculum for next year, where I will be officially homeschooling two boys.  It won't really be too different, as Finn's participated in so much of our schooling already, it'll just be official. 

With longer days and warmer temps, we're living outside. The boys thought it was so novel when Dan suggested reading their chapter book outside the other night.  It was so cute, but lasted all of five minutes.  They got way too squirrel-y. 
After all that, today is overcast, but not at all misty.  So I am hopeful for potential cloud breaks and random slivers of sunshine.


oonaballoona said...

i forget that you are forever in cloud... i don't know how you do it. everyone in your hood seems so happy & creative....

Kelly said...

They often say those creative folk walk around with their head in the clouds.... hmmmmm...
I actually really love it. Never too hot, rarely very cold. I completely understand when people get tired of it. But I personally love it.