Tuesday, June 28, 2011

when your given calico, make dresses

Ahhhh...... the boys are apparently time-traveling right now, so I have a free moment to hop on the interweb.


Here are two of the three dresses I made over the weekend.  Alas, I have no daughter.  :(  But I do have nieces. : )  And friends with a birthday girl : )  I just hope they fit.  I used my trusty Japanese pattern book for the big girl dress (I don't want to find a link, it's by Makie) and winged the baby dress. 

Other news, our friend Fr. Jim is visiting.  The boys are in heaven.  Poor Fr. Jim.  Jamie is forever suggesting they play baseball, and I do have a blurry picture of Jim and the boys their secret hide-out (which is not really a secret at all - it's more of a sled-under-a-bush kind of place), I just wish I could have gotten my camera to focus faster. 

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Those dresses are fantastic! I can sew a bit, but am not good at winging things. Lovely :)

And thank you for your sweet comment. I am flattered that you read my entire blog! It made my heart swell to read that. Hope you're having a fantastic day!