Monday, July 25, 2011

hello again

We've been away on vacation, and now we're back, all freshly rested.  We stayed on the Oregon coast.  I've written and re-written and deleted several personal accounts of this place where we stayed for this post, but I can't bring myself to publish any of them.  All I can bring myself to say is; I miss my grandma. 

Wanna here something shocking? I went without any internet access for five whole days!  I know.  Shocking.  Dan and I have been discussing just how much time we spend using technology when we don't need to.  I am the worst offender.  It wasn't our vacation plan to not have internet, it just happened that way, but I think I am far better for it.  The five-day detox has helped me to be less inclined to peruse the inter-web when I need a break, and I think I'm just getting more done. 

Speaking of getting more done, I'm hoping to start a new dress tonight.  We stopped at my new, "most favorite fabric shop in the world!" on the way home and I got some cute, cozy fabric and a new dress pattern.  I'm super stoked.

Ok, a lovely Monday to you!


Vanillabean said...

Grandma's house is so nostalgic ... it was like a piece of switzerland or something out of a childhood storybook. Very good memories. I miss Grandma too.

annemcd said...

Sounds wonderful! We recently got rid of our satellite service, but its had a wierd effect. The kids got sick, and have watched TONS of Netflix through the Wii. I was supposed to lock that up m-F-- Wii on the Wiikends. Oh well. I also find that I escape to my droid or the computer instead of the tv. What does it come down to? I keep escaping. Maybe that's why my kids fight so much?