Friday, July 15, 2011

once again, we have no titles today




Jamie got into something in the backyard the other day and it reminded me of this picture of Finn.  While looking for the Finny photo, I sifted through so many other photos and posts.  It's funny to see one's blog style change over the years.  I used to complain so much about how naughty my babies were.  Don't get me wrong, my babies are still very, very naughty.  But I suppose they've grown, and I've grown to be not so exasperated by the mommy stuff.  For now.  (I reserve the right to exasperation in the future should the parenting situation change.  And it will.)  I'm just exasperated by other things.  I don't talk about the exasperation much on the blog-front, it's just there in the background.  But I'm trying to grow in those areas too. 
Darn it, though, growing's hard
How's that for stating the obvious? 
Soooooooo..... anyways, what am I talking about?  Change and discernment.  Daniel received a grant this year to work on his dissertation, and now that the grant has run out and jobs are scarce, we're trying to figure out where God is calling us.  We so have loved being close to family, but now, we're trying to figure out if God's wants us to go elsewhere.  And figuring it out feels like a game of 2000 questions, and so far all the answers have been 'no'. Or 'maybe'.  But we'll keep asking. 
So yep, that's what's going on.  Say a prayer, if you could. I will too. While I'm working on not being so exasperated. 


Vanillabean said...

Will keep you in our prayers.

You write so well. I relate, in the sense I feel like I used to complain a lot more. I think I go through phases. Although maybe the blog has been good at helping me to complain less and focus on the positive :)

Much Love to your family.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much Erin. And I spoke to Lisa last night. We're comin' to your town soon! Hope to see you then :)

annemcd said...

That little boy of yours is SO PRECIOUS! :)

Anna said...

He's getting so big! And don't worry, you WILL get through these phases ... and then aren't we all sad when we do ...