Tuesday, July 5, 2011

red, white, & blue and a shir thing

I hope you had a happy 4th.  John and Finn declared it "the best night ever".  I guess when your 5 and 6 years old, getting to stay up outside till well past your bedtime, eating copious amounts of cherries and desserts, and watching beautiful explosions could very well qualify as "the best night ever".

These are really not very great pictures of fireworks.  I know.  And that's ok with me.  What is spectacular, to me, is that these were taken from our house.  We had the best firework show last night.  We could see the show from Lake Union, as well as a Bellevue show, and all the huge illegal fireworks people were setting off around Lake Washington.  It was a panoramic show.  Without any of the stress of someone getting blown up.  So that's pretty awesome in my book too.

In sewing news, I made a new dress.  Daniel took the picture below.
I finally figured out that shirring thing on my machine.  You wanna know the very special trick to being able to use elastic thread on your machine and have it actually work???  Cause I've tried every now and again over the last couple years and have never been able to get it to work till now.  The trick is..(dramatic pause)........  clean your machine.  I wish I had saved all the dust and fibers that I pulled out of my machine just so I could take a picture and show you.  It was totally ridiculous.  And all those annoying thread breaking problems I had been having before then?  Gone.  No problems anymore. Amazing, I know.  So I have finally learned the importance of keeping my machine clean.  And do you like the fabric choice?  Daniel picked it out for me from Mood when he went to a conference in New York.  He's so clever.  And handsome.  Darn, I like him a lot.


oonaballoona said...

PURRRTYYYYY! i love that fabric. smart husband!

after i get over my fireworks jealousy, i am going to clean out my machine.

kayleen said...

Such a cute dress! But I would like it if you stopped cutting off your pretty face in the pictures of your outfits!! :)

How did James fare? Cause Lou was a mess. And we both know she is usually a brave little girl. But I think it was a combo of it being so late and it being tremendously LOUD. Was Jamie asleep during "the best night ever?"

Kelly said...

Thank you ladies. And Kayleen, there's a funny story about this pic, aaaaaaaaaand all the others Dan tried to take of me. Seriously, Daniel has this very special talent for taking the absolute worst pictures of me. I think everyone is better of for me cutting my head off in pictures. Really, I'm doing you all a favor. :)

Kelly said...
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Kelley said...

WAY TO GO!!! Looks fabulous! clean machines make for better work horses. They get less linty if you use good quality thread ( like Guutermann). You saved me from a tutorial! Hurray!

Leilani said...

Love it!!! Want to make me one? ;)