Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new dress


I don't know how Oona does it.  Always taking pictures of her creations whilst wearing them.  Looking darling doing so.  The top photo is the only one I managed to take where I'm actually looking at the camera on time - sadly, not in focus, however.  Anyways, enough complaining about my lack of skills (not to mention photogenic-ness). 
The dress: Schoolhouse Tunic.  So when we came back from vacay, we stopped in at this little fabric store, and I fell in love.  If only it were my fabric store.  Anyways, I picked up the softest cotton, and the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern.  You know, when I had seen the pictures online, I really thought it wouldn't be very flattering on me. Most likely fattering.  But they had a sample sewn up at the store, and I thought, "You know, that looks comfy, and I think it would look pretty cute on me."  And darn it, I was right. I love it.  I already have plans for more.
In non-sewing news, I feel like a chicken running around without it's head, lately.  Change is in the air.  We have an opportunity that we just can't pass up, so I think we're taking it.  I'll share more later.  When things are more for sure.  How flighty do I sound?  Until then, I'm trying to wrap this decapitated head around our upcoming school year,  take care of regular household stuff, as well as tackle this urge to get rid of everything I own, save my camera, my sewing machine, and my precious, precious books. 
Soooooooo.... yeah.  There you go.


Kelley said...

very very cute!

annemcd said...

So cute-- I wish I had your sewing proweress! :)

Anna said...

Laughing. I'm right there with you, sister!

ps-you look darling
pps-i too am a horrible self-portrait taker!

Kelly said...

Thank you ladies :)

Kelly said...
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oonaballoona said...

HA! i do it with a lot of cursing and running and sipping of whatever makes me happy. your peeping tom crow would have a laugh RIOT watching me.

i love seeing what you sew-- any chance you can get the boys to be a mini sweat shop?