Thursday, September 15, 2011


It amazes me (and yet, it doesn't) that four little logs can create such entertainment for this crowd.  I wanted to keep Finn and James where I could easily see them while I worked this morning, so I brought some wood from the wood pile over. They had so much fun, regardless of the misting, and wanted lunch there that afternoon.

p.s. In contrast, the boys are currently in the kitchen, laughing their booties off because my dad's currently using (he just came down for a visit) a very noisy power tool that they think sounds like flatulence.  The joys of boys :-)


Lisa said...

Wow, I absolutely love this picture. The memories it brings back of playing on the hill, the monkey tree (gosh that tree has grown) the stump mixed with the creativeness of children, makes my heart smile. I love it. I would even take a copy (hint, hint). I'm sure grandma is smiling too.

Kelly said...

Thanks cuz. You know, I was washing at the kitchen sink, looking at them as they ate their lunch and thought the same thing about grandma.

Lori ann said...

hi kelly,
i meant to tell you i think this is a gorgeous photo, i love everything about it, the light and composition, and especially that bit of red. and it's just a really sweet pic.