Sunday, September 11, 2011

gratitude sunday

participating in Taryn's gratitude Sunday this week
~I'm grateful for spur-of-the moment trips to the beach, and for the fella's with which I make these trips.
~I'm grateful for Fall crocuses.  I had never even heard of these.  I thought these poor bulbs were confused. I mean, it's chilly on the coast, but not that chilly.  Then my aunt informed that these were Fall crocuses.  The look so delicate and hopeful next to the weeds and sandy earth. 
~For our first week of homeschooling this year.  It went really well.  Finn loves his math book (when I first showed it to him, he informed me he would never use them), and it's feeling good to try and establish healthy rhythyms of work, play, and prayer in our day.
~I'm thankful for Dan taking over schooling on Friday when I got a terrible migraine. It was so sweet to hear him do lessons with the boys. 
~And I'm grateful for this opportunity to live where we are.  Dan's able to work more, we're able to live on so much less, and we're embracing this time as an opportunity to grow as a family.  I think every year is an opportunity to grow, but I think this year we have specific goals in mind that we want to work towards as a family.  I'm grateful for that clarity and drive as well. 

And now I'm grateful for the quiet time I'm going to go spend with Dan.  It's been a rowdy day with this crew, and we now we're just gonna relax.  I'm very grateful for that.

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Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Hi Kelly!
Thanks for posting the link to your Gratitude List! It was so heartwarming to read.
I didn't know there were fall crocuses, how beautiful!

Love to your family!