Tuesday, September 6, 2011

here & there






We figured out where we were moving to.  And it's not located in any of these pictures above.  But they're pretty cool views, no?  Say what you will about the weather, it's a pretty good looking place.  We took the boys up to the top of the Columbia Center a few days before we left town.  It was the last thing on our check list of  "things to do in Seattle".  Now onto where we are.  We got an opportunity to live on the Oregon coast while Dan is finishing up his dissertation.  Like walking distance to the beach kinda coastal living.  It's absolutely beautiful here, and I think it will be a fun year.  We've already been blackberry picking four times and to the beach just as many.  It's so great.  Sooooooo.... if I could get out from under unpacking and carry my camera with me a little more, I could maybe show you what life looks like here.  So yeah, there you go.


Kelley said...

how wonderful! The coast may be dreary to some, but I miss the ocean. Living in the desert will do that to you.

Kelly said...

Miss K! You and I are neighbors now! Well, sort of. But if we make any trips to the East, I'll email you for coffee :)

kayleen said...

Stunning pictures. Seattle misses you. We miss you.

Vanillabean said...

Oregon! Now we must come visit :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Kayleen, we miss you guys too! And Erin, yes! Please come on over!

Lori ann said...

love the oregon coast!, sounds like an amazing adventure to live there.