Friday, September 30, 2011



It's been party central around here.  Well, not exactly around here.  James had a birthday while my dad was here, and then we went back up to Seattle for the weekend to celebrate both Jamie and John's birthdays with 40 of their closest friends ;)  No seriously, there were over 40 people there.  When you are friends with people who have 5+ kids, and you know a few people like that, your party population tends to explode.  It was awesome.  My parents graciously let us use their home, my brother, Pat, manned the grill, smoked a salmon, and helped with party games, my brother Mike washed dishes for forever, and my mom helped smoke the salmon and made an amazing (and huge) pot of clam chowder (and the whole thing was devoured - who knew kids love clam chowder?!).  It was so much work, but John and Finn had so much fun.  I can't believe my boys are 7, 5, and 3. 

And here's something funny, I didn't get one single picture of the entire party.  There just wasn't time.  Other people did, so I'll have to ask for pics from them.  I made a birthday gift for John, so I'll take pictures of it later and share.

Well, it looks like another sunny day.  I think we'll need to head over to the beach after school.  (How cool is it that I can say that? Pretty cool, I think.) 


kayleen said...

That party was awesome-sauce! It was so nice having you guys here to hang with. We seriously loved hosting you.

& I cannot believe the boys are as old as they are either. I just keep thinking back to the time I first met your family and Johnny was a two year old and Jamie was a baby! It's amazing how time just flies!

kayleen said...

of course I meant to say Finn - not Jamie :)

Kelly said...

:) I can't believe it's been five years since you and I first met Kayleen!

Kelley said...