Friday, October 28, 2011

fall leaves

Poor Finn has been begging for a craft these last couple days, and when I saw Meg's post, I thought it was a great idea.

For our leaves, I just traced a leaf cookie cutter I had onto some actual water color paper (I'm not sure if that paper was the best choice, as it doesn't soak up the paint and make that nice bleeding effect. But it was good in a way, because the boys wanted to keep dousing their paper with paint, and were the paper any thinner, it would have been ruined).  For our paint, I used my old echinacea dropper bottles, and put some food coloring and water in each one. (These bottles are great for kiddos - when I had my stomach bug, I bought myself 30 minutes by simply giving James and Finn the dropper bottles with a couple jam jars, and they just moved the water back and forth).  I'm not sure how smart using food coloring is, I'm don't know how easy it is to get out of clothes.  (We were lazy and hadn't gotten dressed yet, so it didn't matter for me.)




We have a really awful light fixture in the dining room, so we jazzed it up with our Fall leaves we made, as well as some we found.

Hope you're enjoying a nice Fall day where you are.  Inside and outside.


Vanillabean said...

those a beautiful

Lori ann said...

that looks so cute. and oh my your boys are gorgeous.