Friday, October 21, 2011

ordinary art: the domestic & creative arts

I imagined what pictures I would take for these topics.  Pretty kitchen still-lifes with my grandma's old fashioned utensils and my vintage Ball jars.  Maybe take pictures of some muffins I was making.  Definitely my sewing space - once I had cleaned it up some.  My yarn stash looking so cute, and my fabric looking so tidy (I've folded it so nicely - I can see everything!)  Maybe picture or two of my latest projects - you know, kind of close up so you can't really see what it is.  Yes.  Well. So I had these thoughts, and thoughts they remain.
I should tell you about my morning.  About how we had some major attitude problems - perhaps some middle child syndrome? How I ripped my knitting because I totally messed up the last three rows (which is what I get for paying more attention to Project Runway last night than my instructions).  And how I started a little kitchen fire when I was trying to cook eggs. (Everything is fine.  I just got the pan too hot and then put some coconut oil in - then POOF! Flames.  And Finn running upstairs yelling, FIRE! FIRE!)
So sometimes, as domestic artists, our canvas catches on fire and we use our creative juices to think of new ways to not freak out.  You should check out Kyrie's post.  I liked it a lot.
So after all that, Finn tells me he wants to do a project.  He starts by drawing these detailed diagrams of what we need to do:
Then I asked what materials we should use.  He provides me with this:
So I'm supposed to help him make a bird out of stretchy, gold string.  Right.  So.  I'm a creative, domestic artist (who set fire to her kitchen this morning),  I can do anything.
And that's how we ended up with an origami bird.


kyrie said...

Ahaha!!! I love this. And this is exactly what I think about, too. The perfect kitchen scene of the freshly baked cookies: that was a post I could have written. But the real creative life is so much richer, I think. I'm so glad you commented so I could find you!!

Jamie said...

Haha very good! I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. :o)

Feel free to stop by anytime!

For Love of Cupcakes

beach babies said...

hee hee hee. that worked out PERFECTLY.

Lori ann said...

so lovely, your thoughts, children, and that bird. mom's can do everything right?