Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ordinary arts: nuturing

This year, I feel, is about nuturing for us as a family.  Nuturing is part of our everyday life, of course, but when we made this move to a rural town - a move we didn't plan, it just sort of came our way - I couldn't help but feel that God was calling us to foster and nurture an air of growth and change in ourselves here.  As though this was a special time of retreat in our lives.  And thus far, it has proven very much so.  I don't want to go into all the particular ways.  I will share some photos here that I feel are very symbolic of the change, nuture, and growth that are occuring.




(You may be tired of beach pictures.  Sorry.  I'm afraid they aren't going to stop ; )
I have to share some pictures from our weekend, one of which is related to this topic.

This was just too cute.  This little seal has just been chilling, sun bathing on our beach for the last few days.  He'll yawn, scratch himself, then roll over and go back to sleep.
And this little bird is a Common Murre.  We were at the beach the other night and noticed this little one being batted about in the surf.  As we got closer, we realized he must be hurt.  Now animal rescue is not really my thing.  Animals, in general, are not my thing, but my heart really felt for this poor little one.  I was so nervous about trying to help it.  I don't know what I thought it could do to me, but seriously, I was a bit afraid.  John and I stood together in the surf while we tried to get close to it, (even though it was injured, it would paddle away from us in the water) and I said a little prayer to St. Francis, asking him to help me catch the little bird if God wanted me to help it.  Then the waves brought him right to me.  You would think that this would be affirmation enough, but still, I was afraid.  Then John bent down and petted the bird, and said to me, "If I pet the bird, will it help you not be afraid to catch it mom?"  I was so surprised at his perceptiveness, and moved that he had the courage to be brave when he knew that I was afraid.  With that, I picked up the bird.  We took it home, put it in a little box with a towel and tried to give it food and water, and then called the animal rescue people who came and picked him up (it would be against the law for us to try to keep him and help him ourselves).  The boys wanted so much to keep our little bird and nuture it back to health.  And I'm pleased that their little hearts wanted that.  But I believe the whole situation proved to be a lesson for us.  A funny aside: while I was carrying the bird to the car, I noticed a woman walking on the beach and said to Daniel, "Maybe we should as that lady if we should take the bird home?" Daniel said no, and I complied, even though something made me think we should talk to the lady.  It turned out, she was the animal rescuer that came to our house later that evening.  Could have saved us all a trip!

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LOVE this post! And, I will never get tired of beach pictures. . .Thanks for giving us the bird story too!