Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ordinary arts

A blog I enjoy, Are So Happy, posted this quote by St. Thomas Moore last week:
"The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance than their simplicity might suggest." 
With that Kyrie invited readers to join her this week in exploring the "Ordinary Arts" with a focus each day on a particular aspect.  I so wanted to participate, as this is something I've been thinking about lately.  But then I missed yesterday, because I came down with a 24 bug.  Funny enough, yesterday's focus was self-care, and for me, yesterday was all about self-care.  Eucalyptus oil was put in the scent diffuser, special toys were brought out so I could lay down while the boys played, and we even managed to go to the beach (we have a special spot where the boys will just play forever, so I just brought a blanket and half slept next to them while they played.  I really think the sea air promotes healing.) And of course, there was prayer.  I don't think I can offer any sort of care, self or otherwise, without it.  (And as an aside, Jamie has turned into my little prayer warrior.  He kept sitting beside me yesterday and whispering little prayers for me.  So, so sweet.)
Today's focus was supposed to be the art of nurturing.  I might post tonight, or combine it with tomorrow's.  Yesterday left me a little dehydrated, so I think a little more self-care is in order. 


beach babies said...

Ha! Ha! Perfect timing. How cute that your little munchkin sits beside you and prays! And, yeah, the beach works wonders.

Kelley said...

what a wonderful project. I didn't do any self care yesterday, but I do get to stay home today with the Murphy and nurture tickles and hugs and kisses. And a plant that is nearly dead got some TLC. I am going to nurture my dogs and does eating a lot of chocolate count for nurturing PMS??