Thursday, October 13, 2011

prayers for mema

My mom called yesterday morning.  She broke her foot.  In eight places.  I'm not exactly sure why she decides to break bones while I don't happen to live in the same state as her.  Maybe she doesn't like my cooking ; )  Poor mom.  So while I can't do much for her with physical help, we have been praying for a speedy recovery and a safe surgery next week.  When I told Jamie that his mema's foot was broken, he went over to our icon table to pray for her.  I was so moved.  (I was trying to be so sly while taking this photo, but failed to properly focus.)  He talked to mema on the phone this morning and asked her about her foot.  Then he wanted to know if her foot was still there.  Apparently he thought the foot had been broken off.  A good reason for prayer, indeed!
So anyways, if you could send up prayers for my mom, please do. Thank you!


anne said...

prayers on the way! Poor mema :(

also, totally love your new header :)

and, can i have your address? you have a print waiting for you :)

Vanillabean said...

oh no! Prayers indeed ... that's sounds rough. I kinda like this photo blurry-ish ... it's poetic.