Monday, October 3, 2011

swimming & cutting

John and Finn started swim lessons.  Jamie sooooooooo wants to join in, but they don't have them for his age group.  Poor guy.  I'll need to take him to an open swim.  Anyways, they got new goggles and were so excited that they wanted to wear them on the car ride to the lessons.  And it's not a short drive.  I convinced them to let me take a picture instead and store them in the swim bag till we got there. 
And, in John and Finn and Jamie news, I gave them a haircut.  Now it's taken me till about 6 months ago to cut all the boys' hair without mistakes.  Usually the first one would be the worst and the last would look the best - you know, the more practice, the better it went.  So I'm to the point where I've finally got it all figured out and everyone gets pretty much the same cut and John and James went and took scissors to their own hair!  So it looks like someone gave them a bad haircut, only this time, it really wasn't me. 


petitcompaore said...

Wow, that picture is precious...and hilarious too!

Lisa said...

Great picture. John looks like your brothers!