Friday, November 4, 2011

the barn






I can't remember if I've mentioned, I'm too lazy to look back, but the house we're living in is an old farm house.  And if there is a farm, there is quite often a barn.  Sadly, it is quite run down.  And creepy. With piles of owl poop a-plenty.  We were a little stir-crazy yesterday, the rain clouds parted, so we went outside exploring and ended up at the barn.  The air outside is delightfully crispy.  That old temperature gage is a liar.  All I want to do is be doused in wool and be outside.  I wish I didn't feel like I have to clean the house first.


kayleen said...

That barn is soooo dilapidated. When I was there, I got to peek inside but was terrified to actually go in. Which IS sad. It would be so neat to see it like it was while in operation. Are there any pictures of it floating around the house?

And you BETTER go clean cause WE'RE COMIN' TO SEE YOU GUYS!

(My house is so very messy right now as well. Yesterday all I did was debate with mean people on the internet and play blocks with my kids. I didn't even shower until Mike came home. But, my motivation to clean today will be that I hate coming home to a dirty house, so I will be cleaning like a mad woman and packing before we head down!)

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with mean people, K. I will try to get to the cleaning, but I think I overdosed on cayenne pepper in an attempt to ward off Dan's cold. Now, if you are unsure what it's like to O.D. on cayenne pepper, imagine you chugged, like, 20 cups of coffee. At once. And then had raging heartburn. And profuse sweating. That would be about it. Sooooooo...... Happy Friday!!!

beach babies said...

ooooooo. . .looks intriguing.