Thursday, December 1, 2011

candles and trees

Well now.  I can't really believe it's December 1st.  How slowly these days moved when I was a child.  How quickly they whisk by me now.
We went to visit family for Thanksgiving, leaving a day earlier than expected, because a storm was blowing in that was threatening to flood the road out of town.  As it was, we traveled over the river, through the woods and snow, to grandmother's and grandfather's house.  And I forgot my camera.  Oh, how I have mentally kicked myself over the last week for that.  We stayed with my brother and his lovely wife and their adorable girls and had so much fun.  It was so great to wake up to coffee and good chats.
We got home and got back to our Advent resolutions.  Instead of an Advent wreath, and because we're being sort of bi-ritual with our Eastern and Western Christian traditions, (and perhaps, from this photo, we may seem pan ritual,) we're using a menorah to count the weeks until Christmas.  See, Eastern Christians start their Christmas preparations six weeks before the day, so they light six candles, one for each week, and a seventh candle for Christmas day.  Dan saw this brass menorah at the thrift store and realized it worked perfectly.DSC_0516
We've also started a Jess tree.  I've never done one with the kids before, but they are really liking it and it's going well.  They sort of look at it like we're finding the clues in the Old Testament to find out who the Christ will be.  My aunt turned me onto some great info on doing Jesse Trees with your kids, though because I wanted something durable to last each year, I've been making the ornaments out of my felt stash instead of using the prints in the link.  We also have just been using the bible verses as we put each ornament up instead of the readings offered, and then Dan offers further explanation.  I have to say, it is extremely helpful in life to have a resident theologian.
Ok, time for another cup of coffee, some Advent music, and some second grade math. 


Vanillabean said...

Your Jesse tree ornaments are so cute.

beach babies said...

AWESOME!! Love the menorah idea. And thanks for the Jesse Tree link.

kayleen said...

We enjoyed having you guys stay with us so much. I had to laugh when I calculated how much half and half the three of us went through in 8 days. 3 half-pints ;)

Stina said...

What a great Jesse Tree! Every year, I tell myself we'll have a Jesse Tree. Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!