Monday, December 19, 2011

huckleberry jam

It feels like since it's the week before Christmas, all my posts should be about Christmas related stuff.  Well this is not.  We busted out the red huckleberry jam this week.  I made the boys (especially that very large boy) save it till Christmas, as we only had three small jars.  Every time I see these jars on the shelf, I'm reminded of where they came from: 
One beautiful summer afternoon this year, we all went to a park and stumbled upon the most fantastic patch of huckleberry bushes.  If you've ever picked huckleberries, the thought of picking enough for jam or a pie is quite daunting, as they are very tiny berries.  But these were a pretty good size, and there were so many bushes so close together.  Dan located whatever could serve as a container in our car, and we picked and picked until the sun was very low on the horizon, and every container we had was full.  We do much together as a family, so I'm not exactly sure why that experience sticks out in my mind as a special one.  Maybe because it was very real to me at that moment how fleeting this time is.  Maybe it was simply because it was more than an hour without the frequent bickering these boys have fallen prey to.  Or maybe it was the fact that I knew at that time we would open our jars of jam on cold days, and remember that happy time.  More than likely, it's a combination of all of the above. 
So we have finally opened it, and it is yummy.  And I could make all sorts of correlations between how summer days and childhoods go as quickly as jars of jam, but I have things to do.  Christmas things.  It is, after all, just a week away.


Kelley said...

mmmmmmmmmm yummmm
I never do the huckleberry thing because its such a tedious experience...

Plus, I don't live in berry country anymore, so I have to drive 2 hours for the possibility of a haul.

If you had more jars I would ask for some, but I would hoard those if I were you!

Vanillabean said...

yummy! You write so well :)