Tuesday, December 6, 2011

jolly st. nick & other things




Happy feast of St. Nicholas! We read our little collection to St. Nickolas books, and the boys were pretty excited to find candy canes in their shoes this morning, along with some erasers (which are really just played with), new markers, and some notebooks I made like these.  Finn was baffled that St. Nicholas brought just what the boys had asked for.  That St. Nick, he's so darn clever like that.

We had a nice productive day today.  I think things have felt so overwhelming lately, that when I can actually tick off several of the things on my to-do list, I'm pretty impressed.  Things went smoothly (for the most part) with school, I made bread, kept the house fairly tidy, made my daily Jesse tree ornament (I don't have these done in advance, I'm just sewing them up as we go along), finally got past this really tricky spot in my knitting, helped the boys stack wood while Dan chopped, and tried to take a Christmas card photo.  My uncle decorated a tree by the barn, and it looks so cute, I wanted to get their picture there.  I think we tried a little too late in the day, though.  I just couldn't keep my camera steady enough for the light and it was so cold that my contacts kept sticking and I couldn't see well enough to focus.  Not to mention, Finn's coat was totally filthy.  I think we'll try again tomorrow. 

The days have been so clear, and the air has been so crisp.  I love the smell and sight of smoke from wood stoves.

And I thought I would share our advent music play list, as it's getting daily play, and we totally love it.  Here are just the titles, not the musicians:

Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Still, still, still
Wait for the Lord
Creator of the Stars at Night
On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry
In the Bleak Midwinter
Come, Thou Redeemer of the Earth
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
Kontakion - Prefeast of the Nativity of Christ - Byzantine Chant
A Hymn to the Virgin
Even song for Advent: Hark! A herald voice is calling
Stichera at the Aposticha - Prefeast of the Nativity
Agnus Dei
People Look East
Matin Responsory
Come, thou long expect Jesus
I waited for the Lord
The Crown of Roses

Now go get you Advent music on!


father jim said...

One I like: Each Winter as the Year Grows Older. Couldn't find a great recording online, but here's one: http://store.augsburgfortress.org/store/product/4624/Each-Winter-As-the-Year-Grows-Older

kayleen said...

Happy St. Nick day to you! Sounds like it was a great day.

Kelly, I'm going to be SO mad at you if your Christmas card does not include you and Dan!! Seriously.....I'm giving you a stern look right now.....

beach babies said...

Radical. Love the Advent playlist. 'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent' is one of my faves.