Friday, December 16, 2011

there's tinsel everywhere

I think we have an 80's Christmas going on.  I found a little, fake tree down in the basement with colored lights, tinsel and all.  The boys really liked it, so we put it up.  Dan wants to go get a real tree. 
I'm feeling the pressure lately.  I've always wanted to do more handmade gifts at Christmas, and this year we're really doing it, but I worry I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  Maybe that's why there's twelve days of Christmas - so I have a few more days to get stuff done!  A couple presents are finished, like a little wooden memory game John and I made for James.  It turned out so well.  I need to figure out a way to take a picture without him seeing it. 
In addition to wanting the Advent season to be this time of preparing, I wanted to foster this sense of giving in the boys, so helping the boys to make presents for each other was another goal I had this year.  I want them to be thinking of giving to others, not just filling out lists for themselves. (Speaking of "giving to others", we tried to volunteer in our community, and let me tell you, it's pretty hard to volunteer with kids - not because the kids are difficult, but because no one wants you to come and volunteer with children!  I can't figure it out.  Has anybody else had a good volunteering experience with their kids?    I mean, where they actually let you bring your kids to help others?  Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places.)

Ok, happy weekend to all, and to all a good night!


Red Herring Jeff said...

Is it a "We don't think your kids can help." sort of thing, or a "We don't want to be liable for exposing kids to ______." sort of thing? I hear that retirement communities are usually responsive to visits/volunteering with kids.

LOVE handmade gifts...unfortunately as a freelance artist and full time crafts-family we suffer from the "cobblers children" syndrome. Ha-ha-ha! We did a trading party last week with a bunch of our crafty friends, and that took care of a lot of gifts. I'm hoping to get the last couple of things at least well started this weekend. It's looking like it's going to be a week of late nights here, though.

Fostering a sense of giving is a great way of putting it, and a great idea. I think maybe the girls and I will spend one of the afternoons this week making some small gifts for the family.

Thanks for sharing!

Kelley said...

The only volunteering I have done WITH the boys is at their school. Good luck.
We didn't get a real tree this year either... More on that coming up.