Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend sewing

What a nice relaxing weekend we had.  We got the house nice and tidy on Friday and then just stayed in all day on Saturday. So no worries about chores and we ate leftovers all day.  It was a nice, and fairly responsibility-free day, so I got to do some sewing.  I had thrifted this perfect, practically weightless, shear fabric for making produce bags, so I got a few of those done.
My second project was a bit of a gamble in my mind.  I found the fabric at my thrift store a few weeks ago, but it took me a couple visits before I actually bought it.  I knew I just liked it, but it didn't really seem like anything else in my wardrobe.  So this is the fabric:
Daniel was not sure what to think.  Not my usual style or color pallet, but something about this vintage stretch knit just called out to me.  I just whipped up another shirred maxi dress.  It needs straps.  Because I have monkey children, and there's no need to find myself suddenly wearing a skirt and no top.  So I threw on a little halter strap so I could wear it today, but I'm going to do regular straps later.
I like it a lot.  The fabric is a pretty heavy knit, so it's great for colder weather.  I know plenty of people we maxi dresses in Winter, but I just can't figure out the right shoe for it, though.
And of course, when you have the camera out on the tripod and remote in hand, you end up with about 40 of these shots:
I hope you weekend was a good one too!


Kelley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. you look gorgeous. shoes... you could get away with boots, they would be hidden until you sat down.

father jim said...

And boots go with everything! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Kelley.
And Jim, :), I totally wore those boots with the dress!

Taylor said...

whoa. so cool!

Kelly said...

Thanks Taylor!