Wednesday, January 11, 2012

knit a long, long, long time

joining Ginny
This is the sweater I started for Dan about two years ago.  Now, I haven't followed the same pattern the whole time.  I started a Debbie Bliss pattern with a cute, retro, color-work pattern and I finished the entire back before I realized I messed up the tension - big time.  The back is actually still rolled up in my stash.  I couldn't bear to frog it yet.  It looked so pretty, even if it wouldn't stretch a bit.  So I opted for what I thought would be an easier pattern.
It's Elizabeth Zimmerman's saddle shoulder sweater.  Now I know EZ has a cult following, and I love her  (you don't even have to like her patterns to love her, just read one of her knitting books - she's so darn cute and funny), but dude, sometimes her pattern are not that easy to follow.  At least not for me.  I think in her attempts to give easy, plain-speak knitting instructions, it gets more confusing instead.  I started her pattern somewhere in the Spring of 2011, and of course picked up some other projects in between.  Every time it would get a little tricky, I would just put it down and work on other projects for a few weeks. 
Now that it's done, I look back and realize it wasn't that hard.  The tough times were mostly just mental blocks - like I thought what she meant would be harder than it was. The real difficulty came from understanding exactly what she meant.  It was also the first time I hemmed a sweater and I love the contrasting hem that peeks out.  It fits, and Daniel likes it, so I am super pleased.
Reading?  I feel like I have a million books going at the same time.  I'm focusing mostly on spritual reading, The Rule of St. Benedict for Beginners, and some books towards the boy's schooling (too boring to even list).
Ok, can you believe it's Wednesday?  I find that weird.  So very weird.


Swanski said...

The sweater is fantastic!! I love EZ and when I read over her directions I think "???" but when I just knit and do it, it all makes lovely sense :) I did the saddle shoulder of her sweater for my son and loved it.

Vanillabean said...

Jealous ... yes, I am jealous of your mad knitting skills!

anne said...

hm.. now Taylor's gonna want one ;)

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you with respect to EZ. One needs a little knitting experience under their proverbial belt before attempting one of her "patterns".