Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a new hat and flighty dreams



So I have another major knitting project to photograph and show, but the weather is funky (not the best for picture taking), and honestly, so am I.  I've come down with the bug that everyone has had, though I seem to be fairing much better.  Possibly do to my regimen of elderberry syrup and kombucha???  Who knows?  Though, I'm not ruling out Divine intervention.  So while I've been getting my fill of documentaries and couch time, I've done a little knitting for myself - this little hat (which is a little easier to take pictures of than the other project, I think).  It came together so quick, and wasn't very tricky - which is very nice when one doesn't feel too great.
I've also been reading a multitude of things.  One of which is Mini-Farming by Brett Markham - because I think I may want to be a farmer when I grow up.  But, being a flighty girl, I give myself permission to change my mind on that one.  It's a bit of a commitment.  And quite reliant on future circumstances. At the very least, I'm enjoying reading on different methods to grow our food. 
If you want to see other lovely knits and reads, you should stop by Small Things.


oonaballoona said...

your hat looks made of soft air.

yay elderberry syrup, tho i've been slack during my pox, i oughta go shoot some right now.

(and your "awful" happy picture is lovely.)

peacework designs said...

party on with elderberry syrup. that stuff is totally radical. and i flop between dreams of owning a farm with a huge herb garden, ducks, bunnies, chickens, and horses and the dream of chucking everything, getting a trailer and parking at the beach. we'll see which one wins.

Lori ann said...

beautiful hat, love the color.

Kelley said...

love it!

Kate said...

will you knit me that hat for christmas? not that it will come in handy for a long time...but while i'm home it will be cute. or you could just lend me yours.